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Introducing uTouch Point of Sale software. We have developed the world’s most versatile POS solution that can be configured to fit nearly every business type.
uTouch POS can be easily configured to work for:

• Retail Stores
• Restaurants
• Salons
• Quick Service Restaurants
• Bars
• Grocery
• And more…

uTouch POS is a proprietary software that we developed from the ground up to be configured for a wide variety of business types. We have literally turned the POS industry upside down by including every module and function in our base software. Our completion sells base software with all modules locked and you have to pay extra to get access to each feature you need. This is where we are different than the competition (If you can call them that).

When you first launch uTouch POS, you will be asked a series of questions about your business. If you are a restaurant, it installs all the modules needed for a restaurant. If you are a retail store, it configures your POS software to manage the retail environment with inventory controls, re-order points and more. For the price, you simply can’t find anything more versatile or better. And did we mention that you can run multiple stations on this system as well? So if you are a grocery store, each terminal can be networks to a back server and all sales from each terminal can be merged into one central system. It just doesn’t get any better than that.
Barcodes? – No problem!

Inventory Control? – No problem!

Restaurant seating management? – No problem!

Order uTouch POS today; it will change the way you do business.

All of this for:
Only: $499.00